Most Recent Winner

Here, we take a look at the most recent winner of the 'Best of' challenge on the Best of Africa Facebook page.

Best of week 35


Well done to Neomi Zehavi Goldshtein for winning the 'Best of' challenge for Week 35 of 2018!

Just look at those crinkles in the face of this cub! It looks like this pose could have been the end result of a lazy yawn given how he/she is lying on the anthill. The landscape orientation of this image work well with all of the horizontal lines moving across the frame. Well done Neomi.

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Each week a different judge selects around twenty of the best images (each from a different wildlife and nature photographer) that were posted on our Facebook Page. These photographs are then shared out to our friendly BOA community to vote for their favorite (by 'liking' it). Please read our Rules and Regulations before posting.

Enjoy the splendor of Africa through the eyes of wildlife and nature lovers from around the world!

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Gaynor Badenhorst

Admin's pick of the week


Photographer - Margaret Walters

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